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The town of Mazarrón consists of two city centres. Mazarrón itself, with its 35.000 inhabitants, and the coastal Puerto de Mazarrón. Mazarrón is a town with everything you would expect to find in a town of this size: a range of shops, a weekly market, a hospital, primary and secondary schools, banks and more.
Besides Mazarrón there is the coastal Puerto de Mazarrón with its esplanade, beach, marina, fishing port, restaurants, pavement cafes, sailing and diving schools, hotels and apartments.
Unparalleled natural beauty


The rich diversity of landscape and nature around Mazarrón makes it very pleasant to live and leisure. The coast and the hinterland offer a varied scenery with plenty of opportunities for serenity, space to catch your breath, sports and culture. From the Mazarrón Country Club in only takes 20 minutes to reach the national park of Sierra Espuña. The large differences in nature also encourages sporting activities such as hiking through the beautiful nature reserves, horse riding or get on on the bike and discover the cycling routes in the mountains.
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Mazarron uitstapjes
The city of Granada is a two hours drive from the Mazarrón Country Club. You can spend a day and visit the world-famous medieval Alhambra castle and fortress. From Granada it is just 30 minutes to the ski resort in the Sierra Nevada. Here you can even go skiing during springtime and sometimes even during the summer. Even closer is the provincial capital Murcia: a large city with beautiful architecture and culture. Just 45 minutes away. Closer to the sea and also a 45 minutes drive is Cartagena: the oldest port in Europe. And last but not least, you need to drive no more than 10 minutes to visit the various bays along the coast. For example: the sandy beach at Bolnuevo.
Keen golf-players can drive to the 18 hole golf resort at Manga del Mar Menor in just 30 minutes. But there are another 14 golf courses in the immediate vicinity, each with its own distinct flavor, from exclusive to no-nonsense. Even the most spoiled golfer will have everything his heart does desire with such an enormous number of courses to choose from. The large number of golf courses combined with the mild climate means that this area is a true paradise for golfers.
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Water sports and skiing
The Costa Calida offers a wide range of water sports, including diving, sport fishing, wind surfing, water skiing and sailing. There are a great variety of marinas along the coast, from simple fishing ports to a number of large international yacht harbours with every imaginable type of facility. The winter ski slopes of the Sierra Nevada are just 2,5 hours drive from Mazarrón. With its excellent technical facilities and infrastructure, good hotels and entertainment, this area has everything to attract every type of skier.


Spain is unimaginable without its festivals and each region has its own. The Costa Calida is no exception: carnival, religious festivals, fairs and pilgrimages, village feasts and folklore. You will also find a tradition of local handiwork in art and fashion.
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Culinary delights
Spain is famous for its culinary excellence. The gastronomy of southern Spain, and in particular the province of Murcia, is a fusion of the various cultures that have settled there, leaving their mark on the culinary heritage. As you would expect in such surroundings, the area boasts local and plain cuisine, winter dishes and shepherd’s fare, and along the coast, of course, Mediterranean food. This extremely popular cuisine includes tapas, deep-fried fish and roast meat.

Wine is a fundamental part of this regional cuisine. Spain has become one of the largest wine-producing countries in Europe. Eating out is a special occasion and yet compared with other countries, has remained easily affordable.

Access to the Mazarrón Country Club
Mazarrón Country Club is easy to reach. The resort is just five minutes from the heart of Mazarrón.
If you’re coming by plane then there are two options.
You can fly from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and Liverpool to Alicante. From the airport in Alicante it’s a 75 minutes drive to the Mazarrón Country Club. Even quicker is to fly to the airport of Corvera Murcia, just 15 minutes drive to the Mazarrón Country Club.
Mazarron Country Club