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On our website you will also find beautiful homes in the Totana area. From cozy Spanish farm homes to luxury villas and lots.
The residences in and around this region full of nature have lot sizes of at least 2,500 m2.
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Besides existing homes we have many lots on offer on which you can build your own home.
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Totana verkoop en verhuur aanbod
Totana percelen
Totana is a typical Spanish village where you can taste the Spanish culture to the fullest.
Totana lies at the start of the Sierra Espuña national park and is located only 30 minutes from the Costa Calida coast. The village is well known for its pleasant feel where you can still experience Spanish traditional parties. On Wednesdays you can go visit the big market and smell or even taste Totana through the regional products offered. And if you just want to relax you can wander through the charming shopping streets or visit the restaurants and bars for delightful Spanish tapas and a cold drink.

Sierra Espuña

Sierra Espuña is a large national park where you can enjoy the fresh air and nature.
There are many beautiful scenic routes crossing this area and they will continuously suprise you. Regardless of whether you travel by car, bicycle or foot

You can visit various caves, water sources or explore the flora and fauna.
The Tourist Promotion Office in the monastery of La Santa has maps with the available routes leading through the Sierra Espuña.

Sierra Espuña verhuur en verkoop
Totana omgeving
Places in the region
In Totanas surroundings you will find many different Spanish villages and cities worth the visit.
Strategically placed in the valley of Guadelentín you will find the village of Aledo. Rich in its ceramic and pottery traditions. You can still experience the old arts and the use of natural resources.

Another mentionable place is the town of Lorca. It lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Baetic mountains. This vast area is about 1,675 km2 in size and has 39 deputations comprising a large part of the south west of the autonomous region Murcia bordering Andalusia.
Besides Lorcas size it has a rich history with notable historical buildings and monuments and in the town centre you will find lively shopping streets and a large commercial shopping center.